Monday, April 17, 2006

There's something to be said for co-evolution. As users and hackers get more sophisticated/knowledgeable, so do service providers and companies. Its like 'Alice in Wonderland'. You have to keep running to stay in the same place! I have too many passwords to remember. I keep hitting the "Reset Password" link in most websites. If the website had a voice, I am sure it'd shout at me. If in some evil moment, the company/website decides to get back at me for not remembering the password (well, this might seem like an exaggeration but then who knows?), how would they do it? Exactly the way one of them is doing to me: send me a snail mail letter each time I reset my password. I get 4-5 snail mail letters/ week because that's how many times I forget that darn password! Each of them reads:

Dear Customer,
We have reset your password as per your request..blah blah blah.

So if I don't want to deal with so much junk, I guess I'd have to remember my password. Simple.


I read Michael Crichton's 'Prey' over the weekend. It was okay. I was reminded of Jurassic Park the way he'd organized his story. Anyways, I think I am bored of the "machines taking over the world" theory these days.


nithyananda said...

yeah, passwords everywhere...wish there was some other easy way to enter into sites!

P:S; 'prey' is kind of sick, didnt like it at all. U should try reading "Eaters of the dead" by M.C. Mindblowin work! one of my fav M.C ever!

Gopinath Sundharam said...

Hmm.. somehow I liked Prey, but the best I liked is "The Great Train Robbery"..