Thursday, April 13, 2006

It seems so cliched to say "Time flies by!". And yet, I don't have any other phrase to describe my student days at the Univ of Kentucky (UK). Feels like now when I transferred from Louisiana to UK and arrived in Lexington on a cold, blustery day (Dec 13, 2003). I loved Lexington and UK from that moment on! I liked the pretty campus, the laidback atmosphere of Lexington, the rush to classes, endless assignments, night-outs at WT Young Library etc...
Tomorrow, I defend my Master's. It is a big moment and I am happy. But somehow, it feels sad to give a final closing line to the student chapter in my book of life. Somehow, having the "student" tag however nebulous your relation to school might be, gives a sense of belonging, of community. And its weird how I still see people who've graduated out of UK and moved onto jobs as students first (Case in point: R and K)! Maybe because that was our primary point of identification when entering the US of A!:)
Anyways, I guess I could still say that I am a student till first week of May when I have my graduation walk or maybe even till end of August, when I get my official degree! :)


Zeppelin said...

But somehow, it feels sad to give a final closing line to the student chapter in my book of life.

Katradhu kai man alavu, kalladhadhu perisunga sollikiraango.. :)

Vivhyd said...

1st time here.. hope ur defense went well.. well sometime all godo things have to end.. end of student life is probably end of fun in life i think.. Lexington is a very good place.. cold and blustery?? i think its much milder than up north :)

Prabu Karthik said...

hehehe, adhellam unnai madhiri nalla students ku dhaan

ennai madhiri 'vasool raja MBBS' type students ku 'eppada mudiyum' nu irundhudhu..

saraswathi ku vandha sodhanai idhoda pochey nu ninachu sandhoshapattukitten

inga naan saraswathy nu sonnadhu the goddess saraswathi, just for clarification:)

Prabu Karthik said...

And btw Congratulation!!
ennamo periya padippu ellam padichirukkey

But enna irundhaalum naanga ellam andha kalathu BCom :P

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Hey Subha,
Best Wishes for ur thesis defense and Wish u a happy tamil new year :)..

Brat said...

Congrats! you defended. I checked the post one day late and could not wish you "BEst of Luck" instead ended up wishing "COngrats". What a difference a day late made?

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

Puthaandu Vaazhthukal. Student life always continues :). Make sure you are in touch with your friends from UK.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Master. Subhashini.


Subha said...

Defense went very well! Lex is milder than up north but coming from warmer climes, it seemed cold to me!:)
Thanks! eppovaadhu blog pakkam vara vendiyadhu..nalla kalaichitu poga vendiyadhu..:)) enna dhaan irundhaalum, neenga ellam perisungo, our munnodigals! :)

Subha said...

Wish you a belated Happy tamizh new year! :)
I hope to...:)

Subha said...

irundhaalum nakkals!:))

nithyananda said...

Master Subhashini!!!!

Enna pannurathu, namma enna chini jayantaa, eppavume college studentaa irrukarathukku;)

True...studentaa irunda matha kavalai romba illa!!!