Thursday, March 02, 2006

You can tell me anything", a gentle voice prompts me.
"But I am so lost! I HATE EVERYTHING.How can I tell you anything clearly? " I replied impetuously, tears streaming down my face.
My friend took my hands in his, smiled and said,
"It doesn't have to be clear. I am your conscience...I KNOW."

All that was more than 9 years back in the hallways of Burnaby North Higher Secondary School, Vancouver when I was a 15-year old suddenly shocked into a world I didn't belong in. Well, this morning, I sorely missed that "conscience"..:) When you need something the most, it ain't there..:) And you're left wondering......


Let's say I decide to give up chocolates. Due to some weird destiny, let's say that the next week I run into a cache of irresistible Belgian chocolates. Did fate send the chocolates my way because I decided to give it up? :) Is it some kind of weird temptation test? Of course, this applies to not just chocolates but almost anything. When you've made up your mind that you don't want something, it just stares you right in the face...:) And you're left wondering....


Muthukumar Puranam said...

enna nee fate pathi ezhuthura, RS karma pathi ezhuthua? enna nadakuthu oorla?

Anonymous said...

ippo puriyudhu.. andha chocolatea pb yen kuduthenu..

Anonymous said...

i mean pb ku..


Karthik Radhakrishnan said...

"Virumbiponal Vilakipogum, Vilagiponal Virumbivarum" - This is a Tamil proverb.
If this happens to us, we should be happy, coz nature is trying to help us learn something complex.
Its one of the most important lesson that nature wants us to understand - To be always in equilibrium, not to be addicted to anything and not to be too desirous for anything.

Kay said...

"When you need something the most, it ain't there..:) And you're left wondering......"

"it just stares you right in the face...:) And you're left wondering...."

Onnume pirila ....And Im Left wondering :))

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Kay said...

"And you're left wondering......"

Vera blog ezhuthu ma, evlo naaal thaan wonder pannite irupe

Priya said...

enna aachu onakku??

Praveen said...

long time later me come :D

indha post-laenthu enakku onnu mattum dhaan purinjuthu...ungalukku chocolates pudiikum-nu :D