Sunday, May 01, 2005

Life's Little Pleasures

This weekend, I set out to do exactly what I wanted to which is: DO NOTHING. There is a strange pleasure in being totally lazy for an entire day. At the end of the day, you feel bored and want to get into things again. There's no better way than that to start a week! Well, for me, doing nothing translates into random reading online and on paper.

This weekend has just been a jumble of miscellania that pleases me.I enjoy my morning coffee with Hindu's Sunday Magazine. V.Gangadhar's "Slice of Life" was one of my absolute favourites. I don't think he writes these days or perhaps it is not there online. The Hindu used to publish a monthly magazine called Folio before. A collection of essays on a particular theme, I have spent many interesting hours reading them.

One of my friends had forwarded me a really interesting article on blogging. I was random browsing the net and chanced across the writer's blog. Another find is Kiruba. Another enjoyable journo blog from Chennai: Ramya Kannan.

PB suggested reading "Katradhum Petradhum" by Sujatha in the current issue of Ananda Vikatan. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

And I have a pile of comics: Tintin, Asterix and Obelix, Calvin and Hobbes that I hoarded from the library this week! Amusing as it may sound, yes, I am crazy about comics. They provide a different kind of relaxation, a flight of fancy into a world of comical possibilities.

So, on a lazy, sunny, glorious Sunday morning, I am getting ready to dig into "Tintin and the Cigars of the Pharaoh" and later "Hero's Walk" by Anita Rau Badami. Life is beautiful...:)


Anonymous said...

Edhuvallavo Vazkai ..!


dinesh said...


I am amused by the timing of this. You are writing this during finals week, when people are having their busiest weeks of the semester (not me):). But, a lazy day works best, when you're trying to rejuvenate yourself for the next week. I would spend a quite day, with a baseball game and music.

Subha said...

Since I am partly out of the schooling world,that aspect didn't strike me at all..:) I can hear people silently cursing me, my laziness and my blog during their hectic finals week..LOL

Anonymous said...

" For me, doing nothing translates into random reading online and on paper"

Indha oru sentencela pala per manatha vangara.. Paravalla.

V.Gangadhar writes in hindu but occasionally . You can find his column in Magazine on Sunday's and still if you din't know Old issues of Folio are still available on Hindu website.He and Ram Guha are still my favourites.

I have a peculiar habit of not lending the magazines even when I am reading the Main news paper and sometimes I don't even lend Dinamani while I am reading Hindu. ( We used to buy 2 newspaper's on weekends). In English it is Hindu in Tamil atleast few years back it was Dinamani and its sunday supplement had writer's like Malan, Sudhangan, Ki.Raa, Rando Guy, Susi.Ganesan...

Sigh... golden days.

Final's weekla indha madhiri blog'aa aandava .. yerkanave padika mudiyala.


Prabu Karthik said...

You did not know kiruba till now? An indian blogger unaware of
I never knew that was possible.
Very interesting.

Subha said...

I remember fighting for the Sunday magazine with my brother. We used to have a race to see who reaches the Sunday paper first!
Prabhu Karthik,
Unfortunately, I had heard of Kiruba but never did find time to check out his site. Today I did and liked it! Strange but true!

Anonymous said...

final weekla tips to study ezhuthinaalum thappu, ippdi ezhuthinaalum thappaa...
makkal solratha solikitte thaan iruppangaa subha!!!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Staying lazy one day and relaxing is a great luxury. I've lost it a long time back, when my daughters were born. !! I wish I could get it back.

Kattradhum Pettradhum - I read it every week. Sujatha is a great writer. Your link to Vikatan doesn't work..check it out.

I like reading Kiruba. Infact his blog inspired me to start blogging.

Comics are not my cup of tea, though my daughter was reading a few at the local Barnes & Noble store this evening. ( I read UTNE and Newyorker magazine).

Ram Viswanathan said...

yes.. I also read the latest Katradhum Petradhum by Sujatha and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sujatha is turning 70 (today) and has looked back on his writing and life.. Infact, he sent me on a chase to find more about this elusive character from Kathopanishad - Nachiketh..

Anonymous said...

hey subha. i still remember those morning fights we had.. i miss that simple pleasure of waking up in the morning to the aroma of freshly brewed (filter) coffee and sitting down to read the paper for an hour or so... can't wait to go back home!!!

Subha said...

Venkitu sir,
I guess you guys don't have the luxury of time..:) I can imagine because my dad used to complain the same. Thanks for the info on the Vikatan link. Will check it out!

Subha said...

I read your blog about the Nachiketha search!:)

Subha said...

don't remind me of filter coffee! At least, you will get to go and have it after your compres! I am stuck here possibly for another year. Besides, it is very hard to replicate Srirangam's filter coffee. Mumbai's coffee sucks.

Anonymous said...

Subha, glad u r into comics too...I have all the Tintin comics. Let me know if u want them. (Vasu will have them if I don't, as he had asked me earlier.) Can I borrow Asterix and other comics after 4th for a week or so?


Prabhu said...

Hindu is my fav too!
especially the supplements that u get daily ( know ur english on tuesdays, science&tech on wednesdays)...
i remember vividly, when for a week my dad decided to switch to Indian Express, me n my brother vehemently opposed the move and switched back to Hindu again!
Sundaysss..mmm.. Hindu & Rangoli wud be the ideal combo :)

Zeppelin said...

yo subha,

apparently had an awesome weekend...i got a lot of exercise this weekend...

well, slept most of the time.. heard somewhere that sleeping burns more calories than some other physical exercises.... :)

thennavan said...

Subha, good to know you found a lot of blogs like those of Kiruba and Ramya (I had them blogrolled when I started blogging). Kiruba is the No.1 Indiblogger and he, with Lazygeek and Ravages (of Selective Amnesia) form the triad of the most popular Madrasi bloggers. Can you fix Kiruba's link on your post? Thx.

Subha said...

Thanks. I will borrow the comics from you sometime. I just have a couple of Asterix and Obelix comics. You are welcome to borrow them anytime!
Rangoliyaaa? Innum edho oru kalathula irukkara madhiri irukke...:) Parava illai, vayasu aayiduchu na ipdi dhaan...:) LOL

Subha said...

no offense meant..couldn't resist it...:)
semma weekend! Enjoy panninen! Exercise pannadhadhukku oru excuse..adhai vera vilambarama...:) 2000 much!
I will fix the links! Seems like all the links I added that day are messed up..thanks!

Zeppelin said...


scientific facta sonna vilambaram nu sollite.... hmmm... how disappointing...!!



Prabhu said...

thalaivar padathula varaa maari, moonaavathu ettil thaan irukken ippo..
athukkulla enan vayasaachu nnu solra?

Orange Fronkey said...

Being lazy is the best thing in the whole wide world!

I get to do that every weekend... also Tuesdays & Thursdays.. no class.. and I dont work either... oh man, I'm such a bum.

ANyways, I saw your blog link on Ferrari's blog... Just thought of dropping in and see what's happening.

You have a nice blog. I think I came in here another time, and saw the list of your favorite things... it reminded me of the list I made up :).

What else was I gonna say... Oh yes, no fair you get to read TinTin, Asterix & Obelix... I love those comics!!!

Brings back memories.

Have a great one :D

Chakra Sampath said...

surprising that u didn't know abt Kiruba all along.. anyway..

>> There is a strange pleasure in being totally lazy for an entire day.

- some ppl hav that pleasure all thru their life.. ;)

Subha said...

merino i.c, I think you must be doing your undergrad, right? :)

Chakra Sampath,
if I am lazy for one day, I will be relaxed; if I am lazy for the whole year, I will go mad!