Friday, January 14, 2005

Tsunami Trivia

Tragedy apart, the Tsunami has triggered some rather funny and interesting conversations in these parts. Overheard in the general compartment of Vaigai Express: A not so well educated village woman was holding court to her fellow travelers about the reason for the Tsunami. The entire group, composed mostly of village women, was listening in rapt attention chin in their hands. Some things are best heard in the native language:
Tsunami vandhadhukku karanam intha Chargu Pushu-dhaan (read George Bush). Avanukku Tamizh naattoda sezhippum valamum kandu porukkala...Namma amma nalla aatchi panraanga illai..enga naama romba nalla vandhura poromo nnu avanukku ore vayiru erichal..adhanala, avan kadal-la poi gundu vechittaan..adhu dhaan nammala vandhu thaakkiduchu..avan naasama poga!

Yet another theory, this one coming from an educated office going middle aged man:
Jayendrar arrest panninaaanga illai..adhaan kadal pongiruchi.....siva poojai ninnu pona sarva naasam dhaan aagum..adhaan rudra thaandavam aadittan avan.

Whoever said that life is most enjoyed only in the upper class carriages??!! The most interesting people and conversations are in the general compartment!


Raghavan Sathyamoorthy said...

ipadi kooda solraanga silaperu. Swamigala arrest pannadhanaala tsunami vandhudhu. Arrest pannama irundhuruntha innumm periya alavula irukum nu solraanga.

whatthefwasithinking said...

I consistently resisted commenting on the posts in your blog, but this one just cud'nt keep me from commenting.. if this incident were really true, god help india!! (or atleast the 80% thats ignorant educated/uneducated)