Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Flight to India

It is amazing what kind of royal treatment you get in Business class. It is as if you are in a whole new world. I got upgraded to Business class because my flight was canceled. I got to board first. Immediately, you get a nice fortifying drink. They serve meals waiting hand and foot on you. And the seats are the best! Man, I got the best sleep of my life in a flight. Anyways, that made up for the horrendous wait I had to endure in Cincinnati and NY.
Calvin and Hobbes collection gave me company in Cinci and NY airports. At NY, we boarded the flight on time. But then, the flight was grounded for 1.5 hours because of some suspicious baggage on board with no corresponding passengers..that was probably the most boring wait of my life.
Finally took off for Frankfurt. We had to reboard the flight at Frankfurt. But the stupid lady at NY had given me a boarding pass till Frankfurt only. The person at the gate was trying to tell me that I couldn't board the flight to Mumbai because of that!! After much arguing with the thick German accent, I managed to convince the person that I had indeed purchased a ticket to Mumbai...Anyways, finally after a lengthy flight, landed in Mumbai. Picked up my baggage (which took forever) and cleared customs...
Home at last!
Some funny incidents on my next post...

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Kay said...


Business class ????!!!! can happen only to you sorry lucky you. u cant complain much actually.