Thursday, July 08, 2004

Indianapolis trip

Spent an awesome three days in Indianapolis. Reached there on Friday night and returned on Monday night (technically Tuesday morning but who cares?). Spending time with family feels great. My Uncle and Aunt had come from India to visit their grandson (my little nephew!). Anyways, chatted with them for a long while about what's hot in Srirangam, what's in and what's out, who's in town ( u know, just local 'vambu' and yadda yadda...) and of course, events in the temple, family stories etc...
My cousin's house is in a great locality. It is full of greenery and simply too picturesque. I loved the place. Went for long walks with my family. Had good old South Indian food. Went to a nearby park. Saw the fireworks on July 4th. It was a so-so display..not too good, not too bad.
Went shopping at a mall. Bought new sandals ( actually went to buy something else but us girls no can resist da temptation...:))

Saw Hum Tum...okay sort of a movie. Expected more but turned out to be a disappointment. I have seen Rani Mukherjee before and have found her okay in her movies..but in this one, she REALLY made me wish she had a better voice..U know the noise that initially comes when ice cubes are put in a grater??!! Well, that's the way she sounded to me..(freaked me out after a while).

The little guy (name's Vishnu, by the way) just stole my heart. He is 7 months old and he took to me very nicely! It feels great to be a part of a little one's life, to be there when he grows up, to be someone to whom he can turn to for care, affection and support. I really miss him.

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Venky said...

Can anything other than the weather be hot in a town like srirangam?????? i dont think so;) rest assured you dont even have to mention you spent the weekend talking its kinda an obvios thing when women meet up...its like a law consistent as gravity!! btw for those who dont know Subha works in my office and its been a month since i spoke to her as i dont like to interupt while she is talking;)
what you consider noise that initially comes out when you put ice cubes in a grater i think is pretty sexy...i thought apart from looking gorgeous rani also sounded sexy! anyways never mind!!!

your last sound like a typical girl..very mushy...yuck!!