Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who watches Sun TV?

We have had Sun TV at home for the past two years. This was the only Tamil channel available overseas. I wanted to hear some Tamil spoken when I got home. So we got it. But, I rarely ever watched it except for some good movies on it. Why? Because it has got the worst program line-up ever in the history of television.

There are serials, mindless game shows, cloying "reality" dance shows, movies, movies and more movies. They debuted "Adaverallam Aada varalaam" recently. The preview shows this guy who injures himself on the dance floor. Prithviraj (aka Babloo) is begging the show's judges to let him be taken to the hospital. Huh?! The injured guy comes up with a really stupid line like, "All warriors want to fall on the battlefield. I'd rather die on stage than go to the hospital." Second huh?!!!!!!! Okay, drama queen, if you want to die on-stage, that's your problem. But we don't want to see it.  Of course, its all coached "reality TV" lines. Still, who comes up with such crap at Sun TV?

Then there are the ubiquitous "game shows". First is "Rani Maharani" hosted by Mamathy Chari. It is an insult to the intelligence of the women of TN. They show a piece of some movie star's face and the contestants are supposed to find out who that is. Really, grow up, people. Is this all our women are capable of?! Can they not come up with any other decent idea? And they reward such mindlessness with cash. Next, is "Deal a No Deal a". This is another over-sensationalized, sentimentalized show. Contestants with mentally ill children, autistic children, relatives who need a life-saving surgery are showcased. They tell their story on-stage and then gamble for "life or death". And recently, they advertised that people who watch "Vettaikaran" will be given some special prize on that show. We all know "Vettaikaran" sucks big time but you don't have to show your desperation in such blatant ways! The host guy is rather annoying as well. This was all the gripe I had about the show until yesterday until S said,

"TN state government is sponsoring illegal gambling on the show.."

"huh? Don't we have gambling laws?"

"Nope. They even eliminated all the lottery ticket stuff sometime back."

"Oh..but this is not gambling."

"Why not? You're not required to answer anything or demonstrate any skill. All you have to do is pick a box. That's gambling."

Okay, that was a revelation to me. Is this really true? I don't know what the gambling laws etc..are in TN. So, if one of you out there, can enlighten me, that'd be great.

We got Jaya TV a month or so back. After that, I rarely tune into Sun TV. Jaya has a much more decent line-up than Sun. Of course, it also has its own propaganda machine. But some of the shows on Jaya are truly watchable.

I'd like to know how Sun gets its TRP and what population watches this in India.


Kishan said...

You may find it hard to believe but Indian TV shows is one of the reasons that scares me going back to India.
I have seen some of the shows you mentioned (telugu versions) and it really made me sad and worried about what is being passed as entertainment and even worse "news" these days.

Anonymous said...

This was my view when I watched a Malayalam Program.

Just copy pasting from my facebook.

I am not trying to discourage or offend any Tamil Program Fans. I felt so bad to see how well these people doing while Tamil Channels are not. Tamil Channel/(s) is/are one big industry/(s) with latest technology. But, the quality of program. (is a) Big Zero.. It’s really sad.

I got to watch Amrita TV Super Star Junior Program. Thanks to “Aathirai” for the post. I used to watch some program called "Sabdaswarangal" regularly in Sun TV till A.V.Ramanan was hosting. Then the program went down in my view. I have watched few other (similar) programs (but not regularly) in Tamil channels; but, I always felt that something missing. Later, when I watched this Malayalam Channel only I thought I should write about it.

1 - Look at these kids. They look as kids. However, they sing like professionals. They way they feel and sing is just amazing.... Woooo... They wear nice dresses (kids dresses); few were wearing nice Paavaadai.. That’s great. But those kids in the Tamil channels programs - dress up like adults - talk like adults - even their face lost their childish look. You don’t feel the Tamil channel kids as kids.. Even if they perform well; some feeling was missing.. You dont see "Uyiruppu"

2 - The stage. You can see a simple stage here. It does not distract the viewers; so, they can focus on the signers but in Tamil channels they have too much decorations, lights, etc etc; not only irritate but also distract the viewers...

3 - Look at the judges. They dressed up simply (Casually). Judges in Tamil channels dress up like they are going for some wedding or something.. Sequins / Shinny Stuff. Hare Allah.. It gives a disgusted / irritated feeling and never let me into the program.

4- Tamil Channel judges (mostly) stair at the singers and fear the singers. Later they talk very nicely. I like the way SBJ hosts programs. Anyways, look at these judges here. You could see how they are into the songs.. They clap, shake their head. They don’t look serious. It is a nice way of having program.

5 - Song selections are AWESOME. We have something in Tamil as "Kuthu Paattu" and I feel like Kuthufying (punching) the kids who sing those songs.

The words have no meaning. The music is awful. They just sing for the sake of new songs.

But here they chose songs of different music directors in each segment. You can see a flow in all songs. Each music directors have their own style. You get a nice feeling when all sing songs of same music directors. It’s a plus point of the show.

6 - The hosts / compere... God.. I don’t know how to explain how these Tamil channel hosts.... They have the fake (irritating) - pronunciation, mannerism, weird hair style & weird dressing sense. God!!!

God should save them.

This host is not talking rubbish like our Tamil hosts. She just speaks what is necessary. No Alattal alambal…

I always appreciate good things. I would be grateful if anyone can give me a link to send my message to Amrita TV. May God bless the kids, the compere, judges and whoever involved in this program

P.S:- Kindly remove the word verification pls

Badhri said...

I sincerely suggest you tune to DD-Podigai if you can get it. Be it spirituality, entertainment, quiz or awareness .. DD podigai is better than others in my opinion. If nothing else, at least they won't bore you to death with those 15 minute ad break after 15 minutes of movie (the numbers are not cooked up!)

lalitha said...

why you r not writing anything in thinnai arattai. I m eagerly waiting that you will suddently come back to that blog one day. aranganum kaverium innum ellam appadiye manathil irukku.