Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random question

In India, I don't have technology addiction -- the need to constantly have a cell phone near me, to check Facebook every 10 minutes, refresh my Gmail inbox every 5 minutes and read every single blog I am subscribed to. It seems easy to switch off, stay off and I don't miss it so much. But, here in the US, it feels like a part of my life is missing if I don't do these things. Why?


RS said...

Agree. Totally. No idea why. We are technology-obsessed.

Anonymous said...

because you have access to these things... with email and FB, orkut blocked... I hardly ever go there.. :) even after i am home, I dont frequent these websites they way I used to before.

my addiction, if I classify it that way, would have to be TV/movies... hehe. Now, that, I will find it difficult to stay without.

Sriram said...

'cos at home you're too busy dipping your hands in mom's sambhar or sweets/karams while in the us its your own concoctions :)

The Doodler said...


I doubt it. I had broadband access back in India. I checked Facebook/Gmail every once in a while..but not eveyr 10 minutes for sure!

The Doodler said...


Not sure about that. Like I said, I had enough free time on my hands but didn't feel like facebooking/e-mailing.."real" life in India feels more inviting than virtual..:)

expertdabbler said...

I think its easier to form new routines, break old routines in a new environment.

my personal exp. i stay away from Pc/internet while on trips to virudunagar.

Having said that, i thought you updated your facebook status far too often even while on vacation in India ;p

SamY said...

1. People make you feel full there.

2. Its you home :). And thats one place where we can be a peace doing absolutely nothing!

P B said...

ipdi ellam ketta epdi.
1000 ponn parisu nu sollu..padhil kidaikum :)

AMIT said...

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