Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Recent events in life have proved to me that self is a very good leader. I know that sounds very ego-maniacal and presumptuous. Happenings in the past 6-7 months have shown that 95% of people

a) don't know what they're supposed to do next
b) don't bother to do it even if they know what the next step is,

Given that even people in supposed leadership roles fumble around in either a) or b), think self is much, much better off. Even if I don't know whether the next thing I propose to do is "correct" or not, I have some idea of what I can do next. People seem to crave leadership and decisions -- good or bad doesn't matter. Maybe this is how Hitler and all other tyrants of the world had such huge followings. The trick is to just do something or pretend to do something..:)

PS: I know that is a weird mixture of "self" and "I" in this post. Effects of reading Bridget Jones. Please excuse..:)


Anonymous said...

The reason why those who are lurking in the material level and running after material achievements doesnot know that what they know or achieved is just a drop and what need to know YET is an ocean, is due to the fact that they did not get exposed to the vast spectrum of life.

Had they know the truth and their position in this vast universe or creation, they would have been very humble with the realization that they are a small speck in this vast universe as an Individual.

Maayaa said...

and yeh.. my stomach hurts when i have regular milk here..i discovered recently (3 months ago) that its the milk that is hurting..

now i am a lllot better with organic milk though its highly expensive for 3 times milk a day!!