Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brain dump..

The people in the house behind ours put up a fence yesterday. Our next door neighbor did the same 2 months back. Our house had a fence when we bought it. I feel boxed-in when I see a bunch of fences around me instead of a clear view. Besides, the neighborhood children were playing in the backyards this summer. They were using the undivided space between the houses to play softball and to run around screaming. I guess now they're confined to limited space which must suck! Bah!


I watched three movies this weekend. 'Thedi Vandha Mappillai' starring MGR, Jayalalitha has to be the worst movie made in that era. Horrendous dialogues and acting. Jayalalitha looked very pretty though! 'Enga Veetu Ramayanam' was a laugh riot. S.Ve. Shekar cracked me up. 'Jab We Met' was alright. Shahid Kapoor looked really cute! It was a feel-good movie but I thought the "crazy, simple girl does whatever her heart tells her to" routine is getting old these days. Recently, Genelia did that in 'Santosh Subramaniam' and now, it is Kareena. Honestly, I've not met one girl like that in all these years. So not sure whether to believe such people exist..:-)


Belated Independence Day Wishes! This blog has been in draft mode for two days. I've not managed to publish it.


One of my college friends sent me a link to Amitabh Bachchan's blog -- . It is interesting in its own way. I am surprised he finds the time to post regularly (and he insists it is he that's writing, not some ghostwriter) despite his busy schedule. It is quite nauseating to read the comments section of his posts --- all fawning, servile and irrelevant. I wonder if Indians have lost all sensibility. If someone is pouring his heart out about his mother, the only thing someone can find to say is, "You are awesome!" or something like it?? What's wrong with people!


Jira said...

Belated Independance day wishes to u too!

I am losing interest in watching the recent Tamil/Hindi movies. I did not even
like 'JTYJN'.. cliched and boring..or maybe I've just grown out of that genre...

So started re-watching the old movies again! I think I'll give 'Enga veetu Ramayanam' a try!

viswajith.k.n said...

Not to sound to arrogant or condescending, but I find very few Tamil Movies interesting...I have been a much more keen follower of English and Hindi movies...but even then not all the english and hindi movies are great...most of em are pretty avg...

subhashssm said...

hey there,
long live our independence.
Jab we met was really good and i too have never met a girl like that.As for MgR is concerned sorry i dont watch his movies.They are all tragedies.When i wanted to register my blog site with google i landed up in urs as there are only a couple of letters different from u r name and my name.Now here i found a blog that had nice posts
and i really liked a few of urs posts.I have almost read 3/4 th of urs posts as i am on a holiday till i am called for.i would like to see that u publish more posts at least once in every two days and u r write ups are good and natural.I really appreciate it.Living in seperate huoses are fun and u have u r own independence rather than in apartments where it is like a birds nest.bye for now.As for Bachchan is concerned -sorry i belong to the srk camp.i like his movies rather than big b who is not big actually.
bye for now