Friday, April 11, 2008

Random rant to vent and make me feel better

Yesterday morning, I found out that a first cousin of mine has cancer. It was diagnosed recently and she had to go through surgery. I am quite fond of this cousin and it hurt me that she had to go through this trauma. We share a lot of similarities of personality and I see part of myself in her. That's why it hit home.

If she can get it, I can too (someday) because we share the same genes.

The worst thing is that she came to my wedding and she was already silently suffering.

News like this sends me into the "Why us, Dear God?" mode first. As I drive to work, all failures/frustrations in the extended family flash through my mind's eye -- failed marriages, cases of black magic, illnesses, heartbroken parents, fatherless children, shattered dreams. I don't talk with all my family members all the time but I think about them often. And each time some tragedy strikes, its like a wound in the collective consciousness. I feel it as much as the affected people do.

And of course, on days such as these, the universe tests one's patience by sending other irritants. I almost got hit by stupid drivers twice on my way to work -- once on the freeway and once on the exit from the freeway. Both these drivers decided to cut across lanes without indicators. For the first time in my life, I gave vent to road rage. Then, I had to end up reading about the Congo war and that caused even more misery.

Anyways, end of rant. Hopefully the sun will smile from the clouds soon enough..:)


prabukarthik said...

one of those days...
take care

Red Phoenix said...

Oye Chubby Chuba ;), first of all, Cancer and genes - still not proved. Secondly, even if it's proved, by the way ur losing ur thought while driving, 'U might end up getting killed even before Cancer hits home'

Focus girl, focus.....

Anonymous said...

SORRY. FORGOT TO PUT THE LINK TO THE MODERN SCIENTIFIC PROOF THAT THOUGHT ARISING IN THE MIND ARE THE DRIVING FORCE FOR THE BODY TO ACT, WHICH MEANS THAT MIND IS MORE POWERFUL THAN BODY. It may take a while for hte Modern science to prove that we are nothing but the ever existing SOUL and to unravel highers levels of life above SOUL, it may take even more longer and may not be in our current life times.

Anonymous said...

P B said...

why is that anony comment removed? is it because it is bigger than your post? are you jealous of him? Just wondering. I like that guy.

prabukarthik said...

you are undoodling the doodling back masterpiece.

andha anony comment delete panninadhai 'blog commentors sangam' sarbaaga vanmaya kandikirom.

Priya Venkatakrishnan said...

u r tagged

Priya Venkatakrishnan said...

hey subha..
kavalai padaadha! what has to happen is already decided...irukra
varaikkum enjoy panniko..romba yosikra nee..
you remember when doctors told me " i have to live withmy back pain.. its sciatica"
ippo paaru..adhellam onnum illaama kadavul punniyathula betteraa iruken..doctorse sollaalum things can change!!

ne minna maari happy go luckyaa illa:)-

kalyanam unna maathiduthaa?? sujana kooptu koncham thitalaaamaa?? enna solra??:)-