Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Music mania!

A bunch of music maniacs got together this Thanksgiving holiday at our home. We rented a few instruments from a local music shop, put together a list of film songs and started jamming. Dinesh wanted to sing "recordable" material -- so we sang a few songs for the "record"..:) Arun was our aasthana keyboardist. Sujan & Dinesh were the drummers. RT, me, Nick, Moni and a few others were the vocalists. ANM and Venky were our sound/recording guys. Amidst giggling, musical missteps and flashes of brilliance, we managed to record a couple of songs with probably an hour of practice..:) I consider that quite a feat..

It was fun to have the camaraderie of practicing together;of laughing together at some good and some dead-end jokes; of just just giggling away to glory for the most trivial of things; of just having friends over for the holidays.

Later in the night, after wolfing down pizza, we had a Carnatic music session. It went on and on and on until 2.30 AM in the morning..! :) Finally, exhausted but thoroughly entertained after a long evening, we settled down to just "talk" into the wee hours of the morning..

Here's a song we recorded with our miscues and all..:)

Singers: Subha & RT
Drums: Sujan & Dinesh
Keyboard: Arun

Ahh, it was a memorable thanksgiving! :)


Anonymous said...

super pics...send me u r house pics

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

The song took me back to my college days.

arun said...

oh yes! madness it was! and it was terrific!

hey and nice collage machi! :)

Aarthi said...

What a nice way to have thanksgiving! I love music too and you guys sang pretty well.
heard the song after a long time...keep it up!

Kay said...

Venky ella photoliyum thattum kayyuma irukaane :)

unnoda veeda antha photola ?

Natraj said...

This is some beautiful writing...Especially on a topic that is close to my heart...

What transcends time is friendship and not our least that is my experience...