Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Curious Incidents of the Rude Callers

There's something wrong with me and phone calls. People seem to love hanging up on me cutting me off mid-sentence! I am not really in the habit of yakking away incessantly to strangers. But can I not be allowed to finish my sentences?!

I never go to beauty parlors. I think the people who run most beauty institutions are really snooty. At long last, last month I mustered up the courage to call a parlor for an appointment.

"Hi, this is blah."
"I was looking for an appointment --"
"Would next week --"

"Listen. I gotta go now. ok? If you can, call back."

And then she cut me off mid-sentence and hung up! What in the world? No courteous "Excuse me" or "call back please". Anyways, she lost my business.

Next comes my Apartment office dunderheads. I never had any respect for their intelligence at any time. But today took the cake! This annoying, idiot lady called me at work. I am already overaging 100 minutes on my phone plan.

"Hi..can I speak to Sabshuni Sppriineewasan." (For the love of God!)

"This is she."

"Ok. You've got a late fee on your rent."

"Err..ok. I was only a day late. Could you please consider waiving it?"


"This is just the first time, right?"


"How much is ---?"

Click. She'd hung up. What in the blue blistering barnacles? If I don't know how much the late fee is, how can I pay it?

And then it was this Aunty who called me out of the blue about something she wanted out of me. I was midway explaining about it. And then she decided she'd had enough of me and said,

"I'll talk later."

Click. No waiting for response. Nothing. Why call me if you don't have the time to talk?


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Priya said...

un phonela edhaava kolaaraa.. adhu epdi epdi povaanga?)-

Priya said...

epdi ipdinnu padi

dinesh said...

Priya....English laye pesalaame :)

Subha said...

phone la kolaaro, en kite kolaaro, evan kandaan..sigh..

viswajith.k.n said...

"Sabshuni Sppriineewasan" never knew this was your name...:D

RS said...

LOL! Especially your new name! I suddenly remembered the other beatu parlor lady who called you a million times a day, it's one extreme or the other, isn't it? :)

Anonymous said...

d D:)

Ellam sari,english illai,thamizh sari-i solgiren.

Eppozhuthu irandavathu kan(eye) thirakkum(tamil thinnai update) ..netrikkan vendum..

Atlest piranthanal-andravathu pathivu kidaikkuma? very very long time see...


Subha said...

viswa, serioussly! :)

RS, yeah I have a knack for attracting weirdos..sigh..

A+++, very soon hopefully! :)