Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blog Day is here!

Happy Independence Day, folks!

I am not one for having "days" for certain things. There's "Friendship Day", "Mother's Day", "Father's Day", "Friends Day" etc... I am yet to figure out the difference between "Friendship Day" and "Friends Day". Even if I want to forget all this, Editor Bob unfailingly remembers to send me e-mails about these and many other important days to my Yahoo! mail. Thank you, Editor Bob! :)

The problem with having special days is that I start putting off important things until that one day. I call/e-mail my friend only on "Friendship Day" and feel all self-righteous about it. Its 7.15 AM in the morning, still before breakfast and I am rambling. What I want to say is that: Having special days actually dilutes the importance of certain things rather than enhance it in the long run.

Coming to Blog Day. Blog Day is on Aug 31. Bloggers who participate are requested to select 5 blogs that they recommend and post it on their sites. Of course, this can be done on any day of the year. But then, I am lazy and will never get around to it..:) The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Err..hmm..ok..I can hear your grunts.

I just thought that if some of you can post 5 neat blogs that you came across recently, we can have easy access to some good reads. So Aug 31 is the day, folks!

Let's hope that I remember!


Zeppelin said...

so you're saying its ok if someone forgets to wish you for your birthday ? and maybe wishes whenever ? err..just curious.. ;)

Indhiya Sudhandhira Dhina Nalvaazhthukkal !!

Subha said...


That's just extending the argument too much! :) Anniversaries, Birthdays etc.. happen once in a lifetime and on a specific day. But if we start having days for moms, dads, friends, sisters etc.., it doesn't make much sense! I mean, these are continous events, not discrete.

Zeppelin said...

its all perspective... by having all these days its just a way to celebrate life as a whole, seeing every day in a special way.. or atleast not have the o-my-god-what-a-day feeling...

again, its all perspective.. :P..and I likes all these days.. :P:P

Prabhu said...

Editor Bob, enaku anuppalaiyee, Blog day pathi..
cha vara vara Bob kooda matter solla maatengaraan.. :(

blog-day la top 5 recently read blogs podanumaa??, thats a neat idea...

Prabu Karthik said...

blog day,

kavalai padadhey subha
unnoda blog ku kandippa link podren ;p

(aana adukulle nee irukara commentsku elam respond pannanum!!! that's the deal ;p)

Subha said...


Thinking about it that way, it does seem fun!


Editor Bob kitta solli inime dhinam oru email unakku anuppa sollidalaam..:)

Yeah, do post on Blog Day!


ennoda blog-ku link kuduthu apram ennai vandhu thuppa poraanungo! :) idhudhaan pazhiya?

Prabu Karthik said...

correcta respond pannite, gud one!
kandippa unakku link guarantee
(en blog ku varadhe 4 peru, irundhalum en periya manasu parthiya!)