Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Confessions of a pinkaphobic!

"Confessions of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella is maddeningly addictive. When RS lent me the book, the very pink cover seemed to shout "Stay away" to me. You see, I hate pink (Ahem..Why do girls have to like pink anyway?).

I expected a girly-girl book and it was sachcharinely so! All Becky Bloomwood seemed to do is shop, shop, shop. So much so, that all her days seemed pretty much the same to me. I flipped a few pages and I was going, "Huh? Is she nuts?". Then I flipped some more pages and I got bored. Becky seemed such a far cry from myself and anyone else I could relate to. Do such utterly irresponsible, disorganized, confused, aimless, shopaholic people exist in this world? :) (I admit I am pretty confused myself but I do know to stop shopping if I have a $5000 debt on my Visa card! And I very definitely won't hide my bills in a drawer and hope that they'd go away.) I couldn't take the overdose of shopping at one go. I put the book aside.

A couple of days later, I went home for lunch and saw this book lying around. Hell, I'll read a couple of pages just to keep me entertained (Yes, I do have this very bad habit of reading while eating. My parents tried in vain to correct me. But alas..). And before I knew it, I kept reading a couple of pages every day and now I am hooked. :)

Despite being a pinkaphobic, Becky has successfully gotten my attention. I hope to finish it off this weekend.


Prabhu said...

I dont see a reason why girls like pink. It just repels me away - the color I mean :)

RS said...

Way to go girl! Soon, you will become a pinko-phile! Btw, I do have two more books of the Shopaholic series ;)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Yea, I noticed the Pink cover too..though the title looked attractive.!!

Something else - I watched the movie AKHEELAH AND THE BEE this weekend with my family. Superb movie Subha..please watch..I am sure you'll like it.

Both my kids loved it and my wife was having a difficult time controlling her tears.!

Subha said...

I hate that color and it would look godawful if I wore it..:) There are people on whom it looks good!

I will read them after a short break. You know, while I was reading the book, I could almost see Reese Witherspoon acting this role- sorta like Legally Blonde!

Venkitu sir,
Will definitely see the movie. Thanks! :)

Venky said...

Actually...I like Pink...infact I just recently got couple of shirts with shades of pink. Its a nice color!

Prabhu said...

I still have the 'Legally Blonde' picture inside of me about this book.
Wanted to say this yday itself - but me not good at english movies, so forgot reese's name :)

Prabu Karthik said...

actualla pink color selective a use pannina rombo nalla irukkum

for eg the latest Hutch Ads..

a dash of pink on a white base
catches one's attention easily...

mathabadi book na freakonomics try pannu..

WA said...

I loved the whole series

IBH said...

pinkaphobic? - join the club gal!
but anyways i havent read these books..u and rs seem to be my google for book search :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm ... surprised to see girls who hate pink ... or is it the subcoinscious aversion to the things, most of the people like, and you dont want to be like most of the people?

dinesh said...
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dinesh said...

If you're a girl that doesn't like pink, that's alright. But you can't like pink or if you do you can't admit it if you're a guy !

Venky - You say you like pink. And vasu's your closest friend you said ? :)

Hellboy said...

yeah, the first few pages in Amazon did make me wonder how addictive shopping is even a theme. probably should read more pages or know some one like Becky to appreciate it i guess.

i personally dont like pink but i do like girls that like pink :)

Sachita(india) said...

What happened to vancouver diaries. I started reading your blog due to vancouver diaries. It has become like a thoder kathai's i used to read in kalki. Nail biting....

I don't like pink and infact now I am repulsed by it after coming to USA.
Pink razor.....:(:(

Subha said...

We thought the same thing! :)
I have read Freakonomics..A bit freaky but definitely an interesting read!:)
Wicked Angel,
I am picking up the next one in a few days...:)
glad to have a kindred soul out there..:)

Subha said...

I don't think I have any such deep philosophy with regard to pink..I just don't like it! :)

LOL. So do you like pink? ;)

I was of your opinion until I started turning the was so silly, frivolous and amusing that after i finished reading it, I felt like buying everything at Walmart..:))

Subha said...

Vancouver Diaries will come out soon..:)

dinesh said...


Read somewhere....

Pink pidikkara pasangalum, pink pidikkaadha girls um orey maadhiri yaam ! :)