Friday, January 20, 2006

How would you phrase it?

Kerala has the evocative tagline of "God's Own Country". Malaysia is "Truly Asia". England has "Cool Brittania". Mumbai is searching for one such logo..:) Image is everything. A tagline describes the city/country in one line. It should have spice and punch.
Why, of all things, does Chennai have to have the unimaginative logo of "Singara Chennai"? Apart from the feeble attempt at alliteration, no one who looks at Chennai would say it is "singaram". I did rack my brains to think of something. I couldn't come up with anything decent but I am sure there are thousands who can do it....:)


Zeppelin said...

in the first place .."chennai"
S U C K S !

how about "Maniacal Madras" ! :)

Subha said...

er...i don't think "Maniacal Madras" would exactly entice people to live in this city...:) Suggest something else!

Zeppelin said...

ohh..err.. so you are working for TTDC now ?.. hmmm.. interesting... :)

hellboy said...

hold on a sec, pls dont trash Chennai like this :-)

Chennai may not be "beautiful" beautiful but it is beautiful in its own way. Actually it used to be Singara Chennai 2020 or something like that. Singara chennai is not what it is now but what we want it to be- its the goal, its the destination.

Make no mistake, we will stay the course and realize the dream of Singara Chennai by 2020 :-) (Thanks Dubya)

Naveen said...

Chill 'n' Sizzling - Chennai

Whoosh said...

i like navin's one-liner :)