Thursday, July 14, 2005

This and That...

Okay, if you are expecting something sensible out of this post, my advice to you is: Don't Read It. It is going to be a bunch of nothings. This morning, I drove to work and got out of my car. Just as I got out of the car, I totally blanked out. I mean TOTALLY. For some 2-3 seconds, I had lost sense of orientation, where I was and what I was going to do! I looked around and I didn't recognize anything familiar.I had been about to slam the car door shut and there I was, wondering what I was doing with my hand on the car door. Scary, huh? Well, after those 3 scary seconds, I did get back my senses. I've heard some of my friends say that it has happened to them at times but this was my first major blankout.
I called an ISP to order broadband internet. As usual, I was on hold forever. I had enough time to finish reading the NY Times, Washington Post and do part of the crossword on Hindu and still I was on hold! So I finally got totally bored and was googling for something when I ran cross 'Henry VIII' in a result. And my funny bones got tickled and I started singing,
[Remember 'Ghost'? Patrick Swayze keeps singing this song...]

"I am Henry VIII I am, Henry VIII I am I am
I got married to the widow next door
And she's been married seven times before..."

And I got really gung-ho about the song and was pouring my heart and soul into it when I heard a very disapproving, strict voice on the other end, "Ma'am, how MAY I HELP you?". I bet she was thinking the best help she could offer me was take me to the loony bin. Duh.
This is inspired by RS's post on silly things. I was giving a lengthy dissertation to one of my friends about this. Why in the world do we have to make sense all the time??! I think we should all have some "nonsense time" in our days. We can basically talk all we want to talk: disconnected, discombobulated, whatever. I usually make sense (I hope. Please, if you
disagree, mail me personally..:)). But I find I am at my most relaxed when I can just blabour and not worry about people judging me, taking me too seriously or acting on what crap I talk. Those are the best conversations! And believe me, it is therapeutic. I find many people collapsing under the strain of being sensible all the time..they think and think and think and finally, they become SO sensible that it is no fun!


Anonymous said...

Soooper, thought I was the only blanking weirdo out there...join the club. I blank out when I don't eat properly. Did u have anything for breakfast? Or may be just too much sleep :).

Discombobulated, sounds funny :). Btw, what is blabour? I think u made up this word when u were in one of ur 'nonsense modes'. I too believe nonsense talk brings out the best in people :). Trying to be perfect all the time, yeah...I have one thing to say to such people..go get a life.


Anonymous said...

Btw, to get back at the ISP (if it is Insight) do the following...
after signing up for the service, don't pay the bill for 2 consecutive months...then someone from Insight will call you, you don't have to call them ever. U can then pay the bill via phone.
(If you are really pissed off, you can put them on hold too :)).


Prabu Karthik said...

U and RS are go much into nonsense because of it being an exception here.

naanga ellam apdi illai.

avlo dhaan solluven:)

Arvind said...

I see, non-sense brings out the best-conversations and hence makes most-sense :p ;) ?

Then logically, you should continue to talk non-sense since it makes sense :-)))

Barath said...

Well...I have this same thought on acting sensible all the friend was pissed on my ideality posts and urged to be less sensible sometimes!...and thats more fun...becos its visited occasionally!!

RS said...

Subha - completely agree. Some of my bitsian friends used to say "Stay away from her after 12 AM, because thats when she stops making sense and starts giggling like crazy" :)

It happens less often now :(

But you know, you need a certain kind of gang, or a certain kind of novel, blog etc to put you into that mood!

RS said...

Forgot to add this relevant link :)

thennavan said...

Reg. this black out that you experienced, I have seen that happen to very close kith and kin but they were not at your age. When it happens young it means you are really stressed out. Chill out and take a break. If you know a little bit of Yoga and Meditation, try practising Kapalabhati to clear your head followed by ten to fifteen minutes of TM (not trying to block out thoughts but just silently observing them as they arise until they cease to appear on your mana thirai). My 2 cents :-)

Priya said...

'I find many people collapsing under the strain of being sensible all the time..they think and think and think and finally, they become SO sensible that it is no fun'-
soooper subha!!!!idhukaagave unakku innoru murai 'dosai' panni kudukalaam!!!

Venky said...

hmmm Looks like you took inspiration from somebody!! Maybe you should give that person some money (for copyright claims)...

Indhu la idhuku priya unnaka dosai vera kudukarala??

Kay said...

Enna Subhashini

Kanavula padam parthe nu sonne appove enaku theriyum sensible'aaa yarume pesa koodathunu nee oru post poduvenu.

Anonymous said...

hey subha.....
take a break....time for a vacation..i am ready coming to detroit :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

On the Blackout - It happened to me once a long time back while I was walking the streets of N.Delhi. Caught hold of a lamp post and stopped for a few went away. Scary.

It might be due to spondilytis. So check out the pillows and start doing some neck exercises.!

Good luck.!

Anonymous said...

Acchachho ... Mara Kazhanduduthu !


F e r r a r i said...

I think this so called lateral thinking works only when we blabber(As per others) :-D

Logic padi ippo ellam court/parliament laye pesaradhu illa. Naama edhukku friends koods pesacha logic aa pesanum?

BTW was this post inspired after watching Captain's Narasimha?

TJ said...

abt the blabor part, it really relives the street out of u. After having broken multiple bones on my feet, i was working from home for past 6 weeks, and whenever i get a nasty/irritating email/call, i would shout, just blabber what ever came to mind, keep whistling or humming aloud, and the work was, belive me, a lot more pleasant.

Subha said...

nice to see a fellow blank-outer out there!:)I think I meant to write "blabber" but I typed in blabour because I was (b)labour*ing away at work..:))
Yes, the ISP is Insight. Actually I might do what you suggested because it sounds like mischief..:)

Prabu Karthik,
Hmm..I always did think women were the sensible lot..:)Just kidding.

Subha said...

If you ask some friends of mine, they'll say that I talk nonsense ALL the time..:)
agree with you. Anything visited once in a while is fun. Familiarity breeds contempt.

Agree about the gang thing. I can totally let go and be my own original self- faults, nonsense, sense, anger and all-with some people! And yes, it happens less often these days with me too..:(

Subha said...

thanks for the info. I have been trying to learn yoga for many years now..:) But my mind is such a monkey, it rarely focuses on one thing for even 1 minute. But I do wish to get to it sometime in my life..:( Stress, huh? I don't know..

nee eppo dosai panni kuduthaalum naan sapduven! :) Eppo koopidara?

Subha said...

Are u in detroit?

Narayanan sir,
I sure hope I don't have some weird neck problems..eeks! I hate doctors!

inime dhaan mara kazhalnuma?? :)

rombo nyayam! parliament-laye logic pesalai na naan edhukku logic pesanum??

Subha said...

I do think it is quite pleasant to be able to say, do whatever we feel like...sigh..adhellam aanaal eppovume least for me!
I always have this weird conflict between 'delayed gratification' and 'instant pleasure'. If we are adults, we are supposed to be mature and delay gratification with some things..but then, these same people come back and say "Live like there's no tomorrow". If there's no tomorrow, how the hell can I safely delay gratification??? Opinions welcome!

Adaengappa !! said...

Take care Yo !!

Sriram C S said...

Perhaps, the blackout happened because you were too senseible and cracked under the strain...*snigger* *snigger*

KARY said...

Take care!